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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photos of leased aircraft wearing interesting hybrid PIA livery

PIA Douglas DC-8-21F

Douglas DC-8-21F  (Copyright © Michel Gilliand)

Michel took this excellent quality photo of N819F at Le Bourget Airport-Paris, France, in December of 1977. PIA acquired this aircraft on lease from United Air Leasing Corporation (UAL Corp.) on July 23, 1977. It was returned back to UAL on April 21, 1978. In this photo you can see this DC-8 sporting basic livery of Overseas National Airways (ONA), its previous owner, with PIA titles

PIA Boeing 707-323C

Boeing 707-323C  (Copyright © Howard Chaloner)

This photo taken by Howard shows N8415 at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, on August 20, 1981. PIA acquired this aircraft on lease from Overseas National Airways (ONA) from August 12, 1981 to November 16, 1981. This Boeing 707 joined PIA again on lease from February 1982 to April 1982

PIA Douglas DC-8-61CF

Douglas DC-8-61CF  (Copyright © Peter Frei)

This photograph taken by Peter shows DC-8-61CF freighter, registration N8960T, wearing hybrid PIA Cargo livery in 1977 at Zurich-Kloten Airport, Switzerland. The DC-8 was acquired on lease for PIA's cargo flights

PIA Airbus A300B4-203

Airbus A300B4-203  (Ajaz Karim Collection)

This photo from late Ajaz Karim's shows an Airbus in very unusual PIA colour scheme at Shannon Airport, Ireland. This A300 with Irish registration EI-TLL was owned by TransAer International Airways of Dublin, Ireland. In this unusual livery, it was leased out to PIA on November 29, 1998, for Hajj operations for a period of four months. PIA returned this A300 to TransAer after the completion of lease period in April 1999

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