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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photos of PIA people

Capt. Moinuddin Quraishi

Capt. Moinuddin Quraishi  (Yawar Karim Collection)

In this photo from 1960s, Yawar's grandfather Capt. Moinuddin Quraishi is seen shaking hands with a Chinese government official. Capt. Moinuddin was one of the first Pakistani pilots to fly jetliners. PIA's first Boeing 707-340C (AP-AUN) bought from Boeing Company was flown by Capt. Moinuddin on its delivery flight from Seattle to Pakistan. PIA's very first Boeing 707 jetliner (N723PA - leased from Pan Am) was also flown by Capt. Moinuddin. In this photo, in the center is seen Mr. Enver Jamall. Mr. Jamall held various management-level posts in PIA and in the late 1970s he rose to the rank of PIA Chairman

PIA Crew

PIA Crew  (Copyright © PIA)

Crew of a PIA Boeing 747-200B led by Capt. Mir photographed in mid-1980s

Capt. Aijaz Haroon

Capt. Aijaz Haroon  (Copyright © Umar Anis)

Capt. Aijaz Haroon seen at the controls of PIA's brand new Boeing 777-240ER, registration mark AP-BGK. Umar took this photo on March 26, 2004 during flight from Karachi to London

PIA Boeing 747-240B (SCD) delivery signing ceremony

Boeing 747-240B (SCD) delivery signing ceremony  (Amir Saeed Collection)

This rare photo from Amir's collection shows the delivery signing ceremony of PIA's first brand new Boeing 747-240B Combi (registration AP-BAK) at Everett, Washington, in July 1979. This ceremony was attended by a number of individuals from both PIA and Boeing. Signing on behalf of PIA is S. Ajaz Ali, Director of Corporate Development. Second from the left is Mohammed Saeed, Chief Engineer Research and Development. He was the chief architect of the deal between PIA and Boeing. The gentleman in the centre wearing checkered brown jacket is one of the most famous and most senior captains in PIA history. His name is Capt. Shaukat H. Khan. He became No. 1 pilot in seniority after the death of Capt. Ali Akhtar Khan in PIA Boeing 720B crash at Cairo on May 20, 1965. He remained No. 1 until 1984 when he retired from PIA and joined Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as Chief Flight Inspector. He captained when PIA's first DC-10-30 arrived in 1974, first Boeing 747-200B in 1976, First Boeing 747-240B Combi in 1979 and first Airbus A300B4 arrival in 1980. The person on the left shoulder of Capt. Shaukat is the famous PIA Director Customer Service Omar Kureishi. Click here to see photo showing PIA's second brand new Boeing 747-240B Combi (registration AP-BAT) delivery acceptance ceremony

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