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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

PIA aircraft on covers of aviation magazines and books

Flight International

Flight International  (Peter Goodearl Collection)

From Peter Goodearl's collection of aviation memorabilia this is the cover of 15 April, 1965 issue of aviation industry's premier magazine 'Flight International'. Beautiful painting of PIA HS.121 Trident IE (registration AP-ATK) appeared on this cover

Boeing Airliner

Boeing Airliner  (Abbas Ali Collection)

This is the cover of April 1962 issue of 'Boeing Airliner' magazine showing PIA Boeing 720-040B photographed during a crew training flight. 'Boeing Airliner' magazine was produced by Boeing Company to provide airline customers with technical related information on Boeing products

Flight International

Flight International  (Ajaz Karim Collection)

From late Ajaz Karim's collection, this is the cover of 'Flight International' magazine showing PIA DC-10-30 on take-off. This magazine was issued on January 24, 1976

Flight International

Flight International  (Syed Tariq Hussain Collection)

From Tariq's collection this is the cover of 24 February - 2 March 1999 issue of 'Flight International' magazine. A PIA Boeing 747-200B appeared on the cover of this issue

World Airline Fleets 1980

World Airline Fleets 1980  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA Airbus A300B4 on the cover of 'World Airline Fleets 1980' book by GŁnter G. Endres

Airliner World

Airliner World  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA Airbus A310-300 on the cover of British magazine 'Airliner World' issued in October 2001

Wings World

Wings World  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Tail of a PIA Airbus A310-300 on the cover of German magazine 'Wings World' issued in April 2008

Airline Liveries

Airline Liveries  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Tail of a PIA Boeing 747-200B on the cover of Ian Allan abc 'Airline Liveries' book by GŁnter Endres

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