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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

PIA hired famous national and international dress designers for designing of uniforms worn by its flight attendants. These designers include famous names like Feroze Cowasji, Pierre Cardin and Sir Hardy Amies


Uniform 1975-1986

1975-1986  (Ajaz Karim Collection)

This photo of PIA Air Hostesses was taken in 1975. British dress designer Sir Hardy Amies, best known for being royal dress maker to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom, was responsible for the uniform that came in 1975. The purple and magenta kameezes had embroidered fronts, with green shalwars and pretty printed dupattas inspired by the folk wear of Pakistani village women. Teamed with black bags and smartly styled comfortable black leather sandals, these bright uniforms introduced a cheerful note on board PIA. This uniform design was used from 1975 to 1986

Uniform 1975-1986

1975-1986  (Copyright PIA)

PIA Air Hostess Sabeena Iftikhar wearing uniform designed by Sir Hardy Amies. The printed dupatta was inspired by the folk wear of Pakistani village women

PIA Air-Hostess and Boeing 747-282B postcard

PIA Air Hostess and Boeing 747-282B postcard  (Abbas Ali Collection)

This late 1970s postcard officially issued by PIA shows a PIA Air Hostess with a newly inducted Boeing 747-282B. The Air Hostess is wearing uniform designed by Sir Hardy Amies

Uniform 1975-1986

1975-1986  (Copyright Qaiser Ansari)

PIA cabin crew seen in uniform designed by Sir Hardy Amies in this photo taken at Beijing Airport, China, with airline's Boeing 707-340C in the background. Senior Flight Purser Salma is second from right

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