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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

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Historyofpia.com Basic Facts

Basic Facts

PIA basic facts with information like airline's IATA code, call sign, hubs and route network.

Description and photos of livery currently sported by PIA airliners.


PIA fleet information and aircraft specifications.

Fleet Registration Numbers

Registration marks of aircraft flown by PIA.

PIA Premier
Information about PIA Premier service.

Historyofpia.com History


History of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) with photos of its aircraft from past to present.

Historic Firsts

List of historic firsts achieved by PIA.

Historyofpia.com Old Days

Aircraft of Old Days

Aircraft types flown by PIA in the past.

Old Fleet

Registration marks of aircraft registered in Pakistan flown by PIA in the past.

Historyofpia.com Old Liveries


Description of 1950s PIA livery with photos.
Description of 1960s PIA livery with photos.


Description of 1970s PIA livery with photos.

Mid 1970s

Description of Mid 1970s PIA livery with photos.


Description of 1980s PIA livery with photos.


Description of 1990s PIA livery with photos.

Description of 1999-2003 PIA livery with photos.

Description of 2004-2010 PIA livery with photos.
Description of 2018 PIA livery with photos.

Historyofpia.com Photos

Cargo Aircraft

Photos of PIA Cargo aircraft in various liveries from 1970s to 1990s.

Unusual Aircraft

Photos of aircraft leased by PIA in interesting hybrid liveries.

Special Markings

Photos of PIA aircraft with special markings.

Photo Gallery

Gallery of PIA aircraft photos from around the world.
Great Shots!
Beautiful, rare and excellent action photos of PIA aircraft.

Historyofpia.com People


Photos of PIA's finest men and women.


Photos of PIA officials, pilots, cabin crew, ground crew etc..

Historyofpia.com Uniform

Description of 1954-1956 PIA cabin crew uniform and photo of uniform.


Description of 1956-1960 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.


Description of 1960-1966 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.


Description of 1966-1975 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.


Description of 1975-1986 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.


Description of 1986-2003 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.

Current Design

Description of PIA cabin crew uniform currently in use, name of its designer and photo of uniform.

Historyofpia.com In-flight

In-flight Magazine

Gallery of PIA in-flight magazine 'Humsafar' covers.

In-flight Meals

Photos of meals served on various international and domestic PIA flights.

Trip Reports
Trip reports with photos by PIA passengers.

Historyofpia.com Memorabilia


Photos of PIA memorabilia like old ads, passenger tickets, post cards, timetables etc..

Art & Craft

Photos PIA aircraft drawings, models etc. made by aviation enthusiasts and artists.

In Print

Useful and interesting articles on PIA appearing in various international magazines.

On Covers

PIA airliners on covers of leading aviation magazines and books.

Historyofpia.com Accidents


Description of major aircraft accidents in PIA's history.

Accident Photos

Photos of PIA aircraft accidents.


Description of aircraft hijackings in PIA's history.

Lost Airliner

Photos of PIA airliners destroyed in accidents.

Historyofpia.com Forum

PIA & Pakistan Aviation Forum

Forum to discuss issues and news related to PIA, Pakistani airlines and Pakistan's civil & military aviation.

PIA & Pakistan Aviation Photos Forum

Forum where you will find photos of PIA, Pakistani airlines and Pakistani airports.

World Aviation Forum

Forum for discussing non-Pakistani aviation issues and news.

General Discussion Forum

Forum for non-aviation topics.

Forum Rules

Read our forum rules.

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