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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

PIA Booklet

PIA Booklet  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Printed in March 1958, this booklet was designed to give passengers useful information about air travel

PIA advertisement

PIA advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

This advertisement from 1965 shows PIA air-hostess in early 1960s uniform and a very nice illustration of Boeing 720-040B flying above snow-covered mountains on a majestic star-lit night. The advertisement exactly reads: "A PIA Boeing 720B fan jet holds the world record for the fastest time between London and Karachi, London and Beirut and Beirut and Karachi. PIA are the first international airline to pioneer a new route with modern jets through Canton and Shanghai; the first service through Moscow and beyond. And the first airline to show inflight films to both First and Economy class passengers. It is this kind of modern and imaginative enterprise which explains why last year PIA - a consistently profitable airline - carried over 14% more passengers and why seasoned travellers say PIA are great people to fly with"

PIA Airbus A300 sticker

Airbus A300 sticker  (Abbas Ali Collection)

This official European Airbus Industrie sticker from early 1980s was issued to celebrate delivery of four brand-new Airbus A300B4s to PIA

PIA Boeing 777 invitation card

Boeing 777 invitation card  (Muhammad Ali Yazdani Collection)

Front side of a PIA invitation card with very nice drawing of Boeing 777

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