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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

PIA Advertisement

PIA Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

1970 PIA advertisement showing airline's Air Hostesses boarding a Black Cab at Trafalgar Square in London, United Kingdom. Note Air Hostesses' stylish uniform which was designed by famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin

PIA Advertisement

PIA Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

You can see most of the world from window of PIA jet - This PIA advertisement from 1994 says: "Come to Pakistan and you can't help but see natural wonders, ancient Moghul architecture and the exotic street theatre we call everyday life. Take a second look and you'll notice that these scenes inside elaborate archways, pavilions and windows also reveal our appreciation of detail and our belief that nothing should be overlooked. This sentiment reigns on every PIA flight, throughout Pakistan and to over 80 destinations worldwide. PIA. You're flying with extraordinary people"

PIA Boeing 747-240B (SCD) postcard

PIA Boeing 747-240B (SCD) postcard  (Abbas Ali Collection)

This postcard shows AP-BAK arriving at Paris-Orly Airport, France

Pratt & Whitney JT9D aircraft engine brochure

Pratt & Whitney JT9D aircraft engine brochure  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Pratt & Whitney's JT9D aircraft engine publicity brochure for PIA, printed in March 1970 in USA - Special thanks to Vicki Jensen from Pratt & Whitney

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