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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Extraordinary, beautiful, rare and exciting action photographs of PIA airliners

PIA Airbus A310-308

Airbus A310-308  (Copyright © Airbus Industrie)

This beautiful photo shows PIA's first A310, AP-BDZ, during a pre-delivery test flight. Airbus delivered it to PIA on June 25, 1991

PIA Boeing 720-040B

Boeing 720-040B  (Copyright © Boeing)

PIA's first Boeing 720-040B, AP-AMG, photographed during pre-delivery test flight in December 1961. AP-AMG was delivered to PIA on December 21, 1961 and introduced on Dacca-Karachi-Tehran-Geneva-Frankfurt-London route in February 1962. Incidentally, AP-AMG on its delivery flight to Karachi on January 2, 1962, piloted by PIA's ace Captain Abdullah Baig, broke the world record for the London-Karachi non-stop flight time. With representatives of FAI (Federation Aeronautique International) on board to monitor the official timings, AP-AMG completed the flight in 6 hours 43 minutes and 55 seconds, the record which to this day remains unbroken!! This achievement symbolized the fledgling Pakistani airline's fighting spirit and urge to reach the top. PIA operated AP-AMG until 1974 when it was leased (later sold) to Air Malta as 9H-AAM. The island airline continued flying B720s until 1989, but this particular aircraft (AP-AMG) was retired in 1981 and later used for fire practice at Luqa Airport, Malta

PIA Boeing 742-240B (SCD)

Boeing 742-240B (SCD)  (Copyright © Boeing)

AP-BAK seen during a pre-delivery test flight in November of 1979. This Boeing 747 was introduced on PIA's long range routes

PIA Boeing 777-240ER

Boeing 777-240ER  (Copyright © Umar Anis)

This photo shows Economy Class cabin of AP-BGK. Umar took this photo on March 26, 2004

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