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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

PIA Advertisement

PIA Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA advertisement from 1955 with winged Bengal tiger logo used by the airline at that time. The advertisement reads:

"Fly PIA between India - Pakistan - Burma - United Kingdom - Egypt

Fastest Service of All! Between Karachi and London aboard PIA Super Constellation. Under 18 hours flying time to London...faster than any other airline! Only one stop, in Cairo. Fly to Cairo and London with PIA.

Finest Service! Between Bombay and Karachi with PIA's speedy Convair Skyliners. Only 21/2 hours to Karachi when you fly PIA. Two cabin attendants - bar service - pressurised and air-conditioned.

Non-Stop Service! Between Delhi and Karachi. Swift, comfortable regular flights link Delhi with Karachi. Connections in Karachi for leading airlines to U.K., Europe, U.S.A.

....plus frequent, comfortable PIA flights between East and West Pakistan, to Rangoon, to Calcutta and may convenient services within Pakistan."

Aviquipo Advertisement

Aviquipo Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Early 1960s Aviquipo aircraft ground power supply units advertisement showing PIA Boeing 720-040B registration AP-AMG at Karachi Airport. According to the advertisement, PIA for its Vickers Viscount, Douglas DC-3 Dakota, Lockheed Super Constellation, Boeing 720B and Fokker F27 Friendship aircraft used ground power units supplied by Aviquipo

PIA Advertisement

PIA Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA advertisement from 1978. The advertisement reads:

"Take a ride on success. It's a continuing story.

The only meaningful complement that matters to us is continued passenger support and patronage. In the last 5 years we have averaged an annual passenger growth of 30% as compared to 7% achieved by the airline industry.

A fourfold increase in passengers in 5 years on our network of 60 cities in 4 continents.

PIA is grateful for your patronage. And we invite you to consult your travel agent about fascinating yet most affordable tours of Egypt, Pakistan and China.

PIA: New York to Paris, Frankfurt, Cairo, Karachi, Peking, Tokyo...in all, 60 cities in 4 continents."

Airbus Industrie Advertisement

Airbus Industrie Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Airbus Industrie advertisement from 1981 showing aircraft tails of airlines including PIA that had ordered Airbus A300 or Airbus A310 by that time. PIA became Airbus operator when it received delivery of four brand new Airbus A300B4-200 aircraft from Airbus Industrie in 1980

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