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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

PIA Timetable

PIA Timetable  (Bjorn Larsson Collection)

PIA timetable effective from October 27, 1963. The cover of this timetable shows PIA Sikorsky S-61N (registration AP-AMK) helicopter. Later this helicopter was re-registered as AP-AOA. For short-haul operations in East Pakistan's delta region, based on Dacca, PIA set up a network of scheduled helicopter routes, using three amphibious twin-turbine Sikorsky S-61Ns which were delivered between October 1963 and February 1964. The first revenue flight took place on November 25, 1963

PIA Cargo Timetable

PIA Cargo Timetable  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA Cargo summer 1970 timetable effective from August 28, 1970. The photo shows a PIA Boeing 707 with opened main deck cargo door

PIA Timetable

PIA Timetable  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA timetable effective from April 1, 1979

PIA Timetable

PIA Timetable  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA Summer 1996 International and Domestic Timetable effective from March 31, 1996

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