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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

This Page Is Dedicated To The Memory of Flight Crew, Cabin Crew And Passengers

PIA McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30  (Copyright © ATDB)

This photo from Alexandre's Aero Transport Data Bank (ATDB) website shows AP-AXE at Paris-Orly Airport in December 1980. AP-AXE was completely destroyed when it caught fire during maintenance checks inside a hangar at Karachi Airport on February 2, 1981. Luckily there was no loss of life in this incident

PIA Fokker F27 Friendship Mk 600

Fokker F27 Friendship Mark 600  (Frank Ellemers Collection)

This photo from Frank's collection shows AP-AUX before its delivery to PIA. The aircraft in this photo is sporting Dutch pre-delivery registration mark PH-FLF. On October 23, 1986, this aircraft crashed when it was approaching Peshawar Airport for landing. Fortunately 41 people survived the crash but 13 others, including 4 crew members, died in this accident

PIA Sikorsky S-61N

Sikorsky S-61N  (Copyright © PIA)

This official PIA photograph shows AP-AOA at Karachi International Airport. Delivered to PIA in October 1963, AP-AOA was one of three amphibious S-61N helicopters flown by the airline for scheduled short-haul flights in East Pakistan's delta region. During a training flight on December 10, 1966, AP-AOA crashed near the city of Dacca. The number of human casualties in this accident is not known - Special thanks to Brent Wallace

PIA Airbus A300B4-203

Airbus A300B4-203  (Copyright © Dietmar Schreiber)

This photo was taken by Dietmar at Dubai Airport on March 21, 2002. The photo shows AP-BCJ with painted over PIA logo and titles after it was damaged in an accident. The accident happened on October 17, 2001, when the right main landing gear of AP-BCJ collapsed soon after landing at Dubai Airport. Fortunately no one aboard the aircraft was seriously injured. The Airbus sustained damage to its right wing structure and its engine no.2, which partly broke off the wing. Due to the serious nature of damage and old age of AP-BCJ (manufactured in 1983) it was considered un-economical to repair it. The Airbus was declared a write-off and withdrawn from use by PIA

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