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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photo Gallery of PIA's Finest Men and Women

Cadet Pilot Salahuddin Chughtai

Cadet Pilot Salahuddin Chughtai  (Copyright © Kaleem Chughtai)

1950s photo of PIA's Cadet Pilot Salahuddin Chughtai. Now Capt. Salahuddin Chughtai's son Capt. Kaleem Chughtai is ATR Chief Pilot and also one of youngest ATR captains in PIA. Click here to see photo of Capt. Kaleem Chughtai as ATR commander

Capt. Salahuddin Chughtai

Capt. Salahuddin Chughtai  (Copyright © Kaleem Chughtai)

Capt. Salahuddin Chughtai (left) and Capt. Mohammed Idris Mian Talukdar photographed with PIA Douglas DC-3 Dakota aircraft at Ishurdi Airport, East Pakistan, on September 24, 1962. Below the DC-3, we can see the Perforated Steel Planking (PSP) / Marsden Matting used for the runway and taxiway at that airport

PIA Fokker F27 Aircraft Delivery

Fokker F27 Aircraft Delivery  (Copyright © Kaleem Chughtai)

This group photo of officials from PIA and Fokker Company was taken at Dacca Airport, East Pakistan, on the occasion of delivery of a brand new Fokker F27 turboprop aircraft to PIA. In this photo we can see Capt. Salahuddin Chughtai (5th from left) and Capt. M. M. Salehjee (7th from right)

Northern Areas Fokker F27 Captains

Northern Areas Fokker F27 Captains  (Copyright © Kaleem Chughtai)

Group photo showing Fokker Captains of Northern Areas. In chairs: (left to right) Capt. Raja, Capt. Salahuddin Chughtai, in-coming Chief Pilot Northern Areas Capt. M.A. Mir, Capt. M.N.K. Rana and Capt. Ghani. Standing: (left to right) M. Riaz, Senior Controller Mr. Zaidi, First Officer Abbas, Mr. Akram, Mr. Khurshid, Mr. Janjua, Capt. Zafar and Capt. Kamal. Sitting on ground: Mr. Mehtab (left) and Mr. Ahmed Shah (right). Note tail of a PIA Fokker F27 in the background of this photo

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