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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photo Gallery of PIA's Finest Men and Women

Air Hostess Naseem Feroze

Air Hostess Naseem Feroze  (Capt. Khusro Nawaz Family Collection)

PIA Air Hostess Naseem Feroze photographed at Beirut International Airport, Lebanon, after arriving as one of cabin crew members of PIA VIP flight that was carrying Pakistan President Ayub Khan. The PIA VIP flight was from London to Karachi with stopover in Beirut. In following writeup Naseem remembers how she joined PIA and her early days with the airline including as cabin crew member of PIA VIP flight to Beirut.

"In 1956, an add appeared in 'The Pakistan Times', Lahore for air hostesses for PIA. After reading it I set it aside. The add appeared for three successive days. Although appearing quite interesting I set it aside thinking about my family traditions. Discussing the add with my older brother. He encouraged me to at least apply and appear for the interview.

The interview was scheduled to be held at the PIA office in Shah Din building, The Mall, Lahore. The interviewing board consisted of Chausie Fountainer, The stewardess training instructor from Pan American World Airways, Mr. Ashraf, Station Manager, Lahore and Mr. Nasir Ghani, Passenger Service Manager. I was asked, if I would consider cutting my hair and whether I would be comfortable wearing a skirt, the normal uniform for air hostess’s around the world. I showed my deep reservation to both of these demands. Although she did mention that PIA was in the process of designing a new uniform. A couple of days later a letter of acceptance arrived from PIA, despite my refusal to give in the demand of shortening the hair and wearing a western outfit.

I was chosen to be the model for the new PIA uniform (click here to see photo). This comprised of a green tunic, green hat, white shalwar and dupatta, black shoes and purse. PIA was the first airline in the world to incorporate local attire as its uniform. Later other airlines like Air India, British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC), Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) followed suit.

All the international airports, where PIA operated, the’ PIA Girl’, uniform stood out. They were the real brand ambassador for the country and PIA.

Once President Ayub Khan traveled from London to Karachi and had a stopover at Beirut. He was given an honour guard. The visitor’s gallery was full of people clapping while he de-planed from the front. Afterwards, I also de-planed and walked towards the terminal. To my astonishment the clapping for me was much more vigorous than for the President. I just waved at them and the applause was much more resounding. Such was the power of the green uniform.

Back on the aircraft, heading towards Pakistan, the President really appreciated the work of the cabin crew (Jamila and I) as shining example of a new country, heading for greatness."

Capt. M.M. Salehjee

Capt. M.M. Salehjee  (Copyright © Farouk Salehjee)

Flowers bouquet presented by a PIA air hostess to airline's McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 commander Capt. M.M. Salehjee on completing simulator training in Japan to command PIA DC-10-30 flights. The photo was taken at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan, before flight's departure

Sohail Rana

Sohail Rana  (Ahmad Saeed Siddiqi Collection)

This photo shows Pakistan's legendry music director Sohail Rana. Mr. Sohail Rana was appointed Resident Music Director in PIA Arts Academy in first phase and in second phase was on contract as a consultant for PIA In-Flight Entertainment programmes

President PIA Air Marshal Asghar Khan

President PIA Air Marshal Asghar Khan  (Copyright © Farouk Salehjee)

(Right to Left) PIA Director Customer Services Hurmet Beg, President PIA Air Marshal Asghar Khan, PIA Director Administration Air Commodore Piracha and Capt. M.M. Salehjee

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