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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Models, paintings and sketches of PIA aircraft made by modelers, artists, painters and aviation enthusiasts

PIA McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30  (Copyright © McDonnell Douglas)

In the middle of 1960s, PIA began looking for a suitable short to medium-haul jetliner to replace its fleet of Vickers Viscount 815 aircraft operating domestic and regional flights. The giant US aircraft maker Boeing offered its Boeing 727 while the McDonnell Douglas responded by offering DC-9 aircraft. The British aircraft maker Hawker Siddeley entered the race by offering its Trident 1E aircraft. In the end, the British aircraft maker emerged as the surprise winner and PIA placed an order for four Trident 1E aircraft, the first of which was delivered to PIA on March 1, 1966. The above official McDonnell Douglas photograph from mid-60s shows artist's impression of a DC-9-30 in 1960s livery of PIA

PIA Boeing 747-367 model

Boeing 747-367  (Mohammed Younis Collection)

Beautiful model of PIA Boeing 747-367 (AP-BFV) in the collection of Mohammed Younis

PIA Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-400  (Copyright © Nasir Khawaja)

Beautiful aviation art work by talented Nasir Khawaja. Here a Boeing 747-400 is presented in PIA's famous and popular 1980s Green & Gold livery

PIA Airbus A310-308

Airbus A310-308  (Copyright © Nasir Khawaja)

Drawing of PIA A310 made by Nasir

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