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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Models, paintings and sketches of PIA aircraft made by modelers, artists, painters and aviation enthusiasts

PIA Fokker 50

Fokker 50  (Copyright Fokker via Frank Ellemers Collection)

From Frank Ellemers' collection of aviation memorabilia here is an artist's impression of Fokker 50 in PIA colors. This beautiful drawing was made years ago for a PIA route study made by Fokker Company

PIA Boeing 2707-300 SST

Boeing 2707-300 SST  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Official Boeing Company artist's impression of a Boeing 2707-300 Super Sonic Transport (SST) aircraft in 1960s PIA livery. In 1964, PIA under the dynamic leadership of its Managing Director Malik Nur Khan reserved delivery positions for two Boeing SST aircraft and became one of launch customers for the aircraft that was expected to enter commercial service around year 1975. Construction number 89 and 93 were allocated to PIA's two Boeing 2707-300 SST aircraft. The Boeing 2707-300 was designed to carry up to 300 passengers and PIA had plans to introduce the aircraft type on long-haul non-stop flights including Karachi to London. On May 20, 1971, Boeing 2707-300 SST project was cancelled after US government stopped funding it in March 1971

PIA McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Super 80

McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Super 80  (Copyright © McDonnell Douglas)

Artist's impression of a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Super 80 in PIA's 1980s green & gold livery. The MD-80 series aircraft was originally called DC-9 Super 80. In early 1980s, the DC-9 Super 80s was one of the aircraft considered to replace Boeing 720B in PIA fleet. Eventually, PIA placed order for Boeing 737-300 to replace Boeing 720B

PIA Canadair CL-44

Canadair CL-44  (Copyright © Mike Zoeller)

In this beautiful color illustration made by Mike, Canadair CL-44 is shown in PIA's 1960s livery. Mike is working on a book about Canadair CL-44 for Air-Britain (an enthusiasts organization in the United Kingdom). Apparently PIA was interested in CL-44 at one stage for domestic and regional flights in mixed passenger/cargo configuration, but nothing ever came of it. For the book, Mike has created this beautiful illustration of CL-44 in PIA colors. The book by Air Britain on Canadair CL-44 would be published later this year - To learn more about other publications by Air-Britain please visit their site at www.air-britain.co.uk

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