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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photos of PIA people

Capt. Azizuddin

Capt. Azizuddin  (Copyright © Umar Anis)

Capt. Azizuddin at the controls of PIA Airbus A310-308 (registration AP-BEG) on September 28, 2002

Capt. Asad Ali

Capt. Asad Ali  (Copyright © Umar Anis)

Under the command of Capt. Asad Ali PIA Airbus A300B4-203 (registration AP-BAZ) is approaching Bangkok Airport, Thailand, on August 25, 1994

Capt. Ruvi Zaman

Capt. Ruvi Zaman  (Copyright © Umar Anis)

Capt. Ruvi Zaman seen in the cockpit of PIA Boeing 737-340 (registration AP-BCA). Umar took this photo on August 27, 2000

PIA Boeing 777 Aircraft Engineers

Boeing 777 Aircraft Engineers  (Copyright © Muhammad Sayem)

Third batch of PIA Boeing 777 Aircraft Engineers seen after completion of their training course at Boeing Company's facilities in Seattle. Sayem's father is also present in this photograph

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