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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photos of PIA People

Capt. Anjum

Capt. Anjum  (Copyright © Capt. Zarak Khan)

Capt. Anjum (left), Co-Pilot Zarak Khan (right) and Flight Engineer Arif Jat on the flight deck of PIA Boeing 747-367 (registration AP-BFW) flying from Lahore to London

Capt. Zarak Khan

Capt. Zarak Khan  (Copyright © Zarak Khan)

Capt. Zarak Khan (left) and First Officer Jehanzeb on the flight deck of PIA Airbus A310-324ET (registration AP-BGN) operating flight from Karachi to Mumbai. Captain Zarak Khan is an outstanding Airbus A310-300 pilot. On December 9, 2009, at a seminar on Aviation Safety Standards held at PIA Training Centre (PTC) in Karachi, Capt. Zarak was presented a Safety Award by PIA in recognition to his contribution in handling two abnormal situations in a professional manner. Captain Khan demonstrated professional expertise towards safe operation of aircraft in highly abnormal situations

Capt. Shayan Haqqee

Capt. Shayan Haqqee  (Copyright © Capt. Shayan Haqqee)

Capt. Shayan Haqqee on the flight deck of PIA Boeing 737-33A (registration AP-BEH) at Kabul Airport, Afghanistan

Capt. Nusrat Hussain

Capt. Nusrat Hussain  (Copyright © Capt. Shayan Haqqee)

Capt. Nusrat Hussain on the flight deck of PIA Boeing 737-33A (registration AP-BEH) at Kabul Airport, Afghanistan. Nusrat was member of Pakistan's first widely known band 'Vital Signs'. He also appeared in video of band's first instant hit song 'Dil Dil Pakistan' in 1987. Later, in 1990 Nusrat became member of Pakistan & South Asia's popular rock band 'Junoon'. Soft and beautiful song titled 'Khwab' in Junoon's first album 'Junoon' was sung by Nusrat. It is considered as one of all-time great hit songs by 'Junoon' group. The last known work in music by Nusrat was his solo album titled 'Amrit' released in 1992. The album showed Nusrat's talent and skill in pop music. Capt. Nusrat is son of PIA's legendry Fokker F27 pilot Capt. Rahat Hussain (click here to see photo) and younger brother of PIA Boeing 777 pilot Capt. Sarwat Hussain (click here to see photo)

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