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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photos of PIA People

Capt. Kaleem Chughtai

Capt. Kaleem Chughtai  (Copyright © Aroosh Naqvi)

A PIA Airbus A310-300 flying under the command of Capt. Kaleem Chughtai who is one of the youngest captains on the A310. He's ex-Chief Pilot ATR and son of revered Ex-Director Flight Operations (DFO) Capt. Salahuddin Chughtai

First Officer Aroosh Naqvi

First Officer Aroosh Naqvi  (Copyright © Aroosh Naqvi)

A PIA Airbus A310-300 piloted by Capt. Kaleem Chughtai and First Officer Aroosh Naqvi cruising over western Pakistan in early morning sun light

Capt. Imran Butt

Capt. Imran Butt  (Copyright © Salaar Farrukh)

A PIA Airbus A310-300 flying from Islamabad to Istanbul via Abu Dhabi on July 16, 2011, under the command of Capt. Imran Butt

First Officer Farrukh Qureshi

First Officer Farrukh Qureshi  (Copyright © Salaar Farrukh)

First Officer Farrukh Qureshi in the cockpit of a PIA Airbus A310-300 operating flight PK-764 from Frankfurt to Islamabad via Paris

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