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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photos of PIA people

PIA Crew

PIA Crew  (Copyright © Capt. Farooq Ahmad)

This memorable photo was taken at Shannon Airport of Ireland on the occasion of PIA's very first flight from Pakistan to USA via Shannon Airport. Flight deck crew for this flight were Capt. Sami Ahmad, Co-Pilot Farooq Ahmad and Flight Engineer Arif

PIA Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew  (Copyright © Mohammed Younis)

Younis took this photo of PIA Cabin Crew at London-Heathrow Airport on December 25, 2004

M. Rahim Khan

M. Rahim Khan  (Umar Anis Collection)

This photo shows Chairman PIA Major General (retd.) Muhammad Rahim Khan shaking hands with a Boeing Company official. Capt. Javed Aleem, PIA's chief pilot for Boeing 737, is also seen in this photo. This photo was taken in June 1985 on the occasion of delivery of PIA's first Boeing 737-300. PIA was the first Asian airline to fly Boeing 737-300 aircraft

Capt. Zia-ul-Islam

Capt. Zia-ul-Islam  (Copyright © Mohammed Younis)

Capt. Zia-ul-Islam (right) seen with his fellow crew members. Younis took this photo at London-Heathrow Airport on December 25, 2004

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