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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Hotel Midway House Advertisement

Hotel Midway House Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Hotel Midway House advertisement from 1974. The hotel located in Karachi was managed jointly by PIA and KLM. PIA transit passengers were accommodated at this hotel. The advertisement reads: "Meet the people who are causing a stir at midway-house. Take one saucy Indonesian. Add a beefy Dutchman. Then top it off with a sprinkling of seasoned Pakistanis. And what do you get ?

A team of International Chefs - the ones who are causing a stir at Midway House. With their delicious concoctions. Pakistani or European. To give you a choice cuisine that's simply the last word in good taste.

And we're not just cooking up a story. Come and sample their fare. You'll find it delectably different."

PIA Advertisement

PIA Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA advertisement from 1976. The advertisement reads: "Thank you for your confidence. In a service industry as fiercely competitive as the airline business there is only one sure measure of success : customer preference between the competing airlines.

1974 and 1975 have been the worst in the history of the airline business. ICAO figures show that passenger and cargo growth has generally been restricted to 11% and capacity to 9%. But PIA serving 54 destinations in four continents has proved itself a dramatic exception to this trend

Passenger Growth 95%

Freight Growth 98%

Capacity Growth 85%

Revenue Growth 105%

PIA acknowledges with gratitude your participation in this unique achievement.

Your confidence in us has made it possible for us to put at your service an even more modern fleet by adding four DC-10-30s, one Boeing 707, three Boeing 720s and two F27s.

And now the ultimate in passenger comfort:

Two Boeing 747-200Bs."

PIA Advertisement

PIA Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA advertisement from 1978. The advertisement reads: "Pakistan International's world. 60 cities in four continents.

A network extending from New York in the West to Tokyo in the East. Including major cities of the UAE, Middle East, Europe and the Far East.

And we offer you service to match - on our modern fleet of B747s, DC10s and B707s. Operated by skilled and experienced pilots and gracious, friendly hostesses.

Cargo space is available on all PIA flights. In addition, we operate five all-cargo services a week to the important business centres of the world."

PIA Advertisement

PIA Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA advertisement from 1982. The advertisement reads: "What is PIA doing to provide better service ? Ensuring prompt reservations.

Success of an airline depends on its efficient passenger service - on the ground, in the air.

An airline - big or small - must offer prompt reservation, a high degree of regularity, careful ground handling and attentive inflight service to its passengers.

REPAK, PIA's own advanced computer system, makes your seat reservation in an instant, with accuracy and speed. The system notes down your seat preferences for the non-smoking section or vegetarian meals. Or even special food for health reasons. The system also provides accurate information about your connecting flights and hotel availability. And it takes our computers only seconds to do all this.

This is just the beginning. PIA's recent measures are aimed at improving all operational areas. Thus making PIA a successful airline, backed by passenger service."

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