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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Boeing Advertisement

Boeing Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

1966 advertisement celebrating 50th anniversary of Boeing Company. The advertisement displayed emblems found in uniforms of pilots of 55 airlines that were flying Boeing aircraft at that time. Emblem displayed on PIA pilot's cap can also be found among emblems of these 55 airlines. The advertisement reads: "Look up to the airlines whose pilots wear these emblems. They're the 55 airlines that fly Boeing jets. They've already flown 132 million passengers in wonderfully comfortable Boeing 707s, 720s and 727s. And they've made the world smaller by bringing Boeing jet travel to 301 cities in 121 countries. Next time you travel, go right to the top. Fly with one of these 55 leading airlines."

PIA Advertisement

PIA Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA advertisement from 1969 appreciating smooth landings made by airline's pilots. The cartoon in this advertisement shows a PIA Air Hostess, wearing uniform designed by French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, holding a board with a stack of wooden alphabet blocks arranged by a young passenger to make sentence 'FLY BY PIA'. The undisturbed stack of blocks indicates smooth landing made by pilots of PIA aircraft

PIA Hotels Advertisement

PIA Hotels Advertisement  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA Hotels advertisement from 1977 providing information about Inter Pak Inn at Sukkur, Sambara Inn at Larkana, Swat Hotel at Swat and Rakaposhi Inn at Gilgit

PIA Hotels Brochure

PIA Hotels Brochure  (Abbas Ali Collection)

PIA Hotels Brochure from late 1970s. The brochure provides information about Swat Hotel in Swat and Rakaposhi Inn in Gilgit with colour photos

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