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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

(In Alphabetical Order)

Click here to visit Aero Transport Data Bank

Alexandre Avrane's highly useful website Aero Transport Data Bank (ATDB). This informative site provides management & history of all types of air transport aircraft world-wide since 1930. More than 150,000 used by more than 8,000 operators are recorded here!

Click here to visit the official website of Airbus Industrie

Official website of the Airbus Industrie has very useful and updated information and excellent photo galleries of Airbus aircraft

Click here to visit Air Days

Peter Goodearl's website with rare photos of classic airliners. Air Days - gold features aviation photographs, taken at British Airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and Manchester. At Air Days - today there is a growing collection of contemporary airliner images. There are also pictures from Air Displays of the 1960s and 70's including Abingdon, Farnborough, Coltishall and USAF open days at Upper Heyford

Click here to visit Airlinerphotos.com

Ralph Kunadt's website is one of the leading aviation sites on the web and is an excellent source for quality photos of world airliners. The site has a huge selection of aviation pictures taken by Ralph and his friends

Johan Lundgren's civil aviation photography website with over 200,000 photographs of world's airlines and airliners is the largest online! A sophisticated search engine would help you to find your desired airline and airliner

Click here to visit Airline Timetable Images

Bjorn Larsson's Airline Timetables Images website from Sweden is a wonderful museum of world airlines timetables. The website offers images of rare and old airline tables from very early years to recent times of air travel

Click here to visit AirNet website

Website by Howard J. Curtis has more than 25,000 links to sites related to aviation and flight simulation. It's a useful website for aviation researchers and enthusiasts


airportdata.aero provides airport and handling data for preflight planning. Airport contact information, technical data and service providers. Also published is information on flight clearances, aviation authorities, airlines and embassies

All Pakistan Aircraft Registration Marks

List of Pakistan aircraft registration marks starting from 1947 - the year in which Pakistan emerged as a newly born independent country on world map

Click here to visit Atlas Aviation

Atlas Aviation civil aircraft database originated in the seventies when Fokker Aircraft Market Research decided to develop an extensive database containing all civil aircraft types larger than 15 seats. Atlas has further developed this large data collection, comprising more than 20 years of data history and made the conversion to a Microsoft Access database on a CD-Rom

Click here to visit The Aviation Safety Network

Aviation Safety Network provides everyone with a (professional) interest in aviation with up-to-date, complete and reliable authoritative information on airliner accidents and safety issues

Click here to visit Baron & Baron

Beautifully designed website providing lots of information for tourists and travelers. At this site you can find info on various tourist destinations plus links to interesting sites related to travel and tourism

Click here to visit the official website of Boeing Company

Official website of Boeing company

Click here to visit The Braniff Pages

The Braniff Pages website by Brooke Watts presents comprehensive history of Braniff Airlines and Braniff Airways from 1928 to 1992. All information at this site is from airline documents, Braniff employees and airline historians

Click here to visit Clipper

Clipper is an Italian association founded by Guido Allieri. The association is formed with hundreds of aviation fans and aircraft spotters who organize visits to airports, aeronautical conferences and meetings between aviation enthusiasts and airliner fans of the world

Click here to visit Copenhagen Aviation

Soren Madsen's aviation site from Denmark with photos of airliners taken at Copenhagen Airport

Click here to visit Just Planes

Airline photo contests, airline & cockpit videos, airport photos, top 50 airline liveries, airline news, aviation links and much more for airline enthusiasts!!

Click here to visit Lockheed Twins Site

Informative and useful aviation website by Mike Zoeller devoted to the Lodestar, Ventura, Harpoon and the numerous conversions carried out by the likes of Howard Aero and Lear in the 1950s and early 1960s

Click here to visit LockOn Aviation Photography

Sunil Gupta's site 'LockOn Aviation Photography' contains high quality photos of airliners and military aircraft from many interesting locations and countries which include India, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and USA

Click here to visit McDonnell Douglas DC-10

Website dedicated to DC-10 by Karl-Heinz Beulke Moreno from Germany. The site contains useful information about DC-10 including its history, aircraft list, operators list, technical data, aircraft registration numbers and DC-10 accidents

Click here to visit PakistaniAviation.com

Nooman Naqvi's website PakistaniAviation.com, originally created in 1996, is the oldest website about Pakistan's aviation industry

Click here to visit official website of PALPA

PALPA - Pakistan Air Line Pilots' Association came into being in 1962. The Mission of PALPA is to be the national voice of airline pilots, promoting the highest level of aviation safety nation-wide

Click here to visit official website of PIA

Official website of PIA with regularly updated information about the airline

The Postcard Post

The Postcard Post

American Airlines Stewardess Postcard on The Postcard Post

Larry Myers' website featuring rare airline postcards and the sale & display of collectible postcards. Larry's site is useful for collectors interested in buying, selling, trading and auction of scarce, hard to find and rare airline postcards

Click here to visit Routes International

Heinz & Kim Hammer's Routes International website contains lots of useful information and links related to transportation by land, rail, sea and air

Click here to visit Ruud's Classic Airliners

Ruud Leeuw's website offers useful information about classic airliners. The website displays photos of classic airliners including DC-3, DC-4, DC-6, DC-7, C-46, Stratocruiser, An-8, A-12, Ilyushin 18 and Super Constellation

Click here to visit Widebody Aircraft Parade

Johan Breed's website dedicated to widebody airliners

Click here to visit World Air Routes

A unique series of videos for those who enjoy aviation and travel. These excellent videos allow you to discover airline operations from behind the scenes without having to leave your living room! This series of videos gives you an opportunity to travel with dozens of airlines and find out more about their routes, aircraft service, fleet and so much more.....

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