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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photo Gallery of PIA's Finest Men and Women

Mufti Mohammad Salim

Mufti Mohammad Salim  (Abbas Ali Collection)

Air Marshal Asghar Khan (left) President PIA and Mufti Mohammad Salim (right), Vice President are seen attending the 22nd International Air Transport Association (IATA) Annual General Meeting which was held at Mexico City, Mexico, in 1966. The designations President and Vice President were used with the introduction of American style of management in PIA by Air Marshal Asghar Khan.

Mufti Mohammad Salim remained associated with airline industry for more than 50 years. An engineer by profession, Mr. Salim had the unique experience of setting up airlines. He was one of key figures in the establishment of Orient Airways, PIA and Air Malta. He also played important role in re-organizing Alia - Royal Jordanian Airlines and Syrian Arab Airlines. Mr. Salim was also founding chairman of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Pakistan.

Mr. Salim was the Managing Director of PIA from 1980 to 1983 and then Chairman of PIA subsidiaries and associated companies from 1983 to 1986.

Mufti Mohammad Salim retired in March 1986 as the Chairman of PIA Investments Limited (PIAIL) and as an advisor to the Board of Directors PIA. His brilliant career spanned the aviation industry in the sub-continent and began with his admission to the first Aeronautical Training Institute set up in New Delhi in 1935. He successfully completed his training and held the first aircraft engineer's "B" licence given to any Indian national without having been trained abroad. He served in Tata Airlines, the Indian National Airways and the Directorate General Civil Aviation (DGCA) India before partition and at the time of creation of Pakistan was with Orient Airways in Calcutta. He moved to Pakistan as the Chief Engineer of Orient Airways and later became its Chief Executive. When PIA was set up he was among its founders as the two airlines were merged. In the national carrier he headed the Administration Directorate, Planning Directorate, the Commercial Directorate before seconded to Alia - Royal Jordanian Airlines in 1970 to help its expansion as a modern carrier. After successfully putting Alia on its feet. Mr. Salim was sent to Malta to set up from scratch, the island's own air carrier Air Malta in which PIA had offered technical assistance. His stay in Air Malta was for six years. He retired from PIA in 1979 but was again taken as Managing Director after a few months.

In 1966, Mr. Salim was awarded Tamgha-e-Quaid-e-Azam (TQA). The book titled 'The Story of Air Transport in Pakistan' authored by Mr. Salim is a must-read for aviation historians specially from Pakistan

Malik Nur Khan

Malik Nur Khan  (Copyright © Farouk Salehjee)

PIA Managing Director Malik Nur Khan with employees of the airline at a function in early 1960s

Capt. M. M. Salehjee

Capt. M. M. Salehjee  (Copyright © Farouk Salehjee)

(L to R) PIA Director Customer Services Hurmet Beg, PIA pilot and President Pakistan Air Line Pilots' Association (PALPA) Capt. M. M. Salehjee and Samina Durrani, wife of PIA Managing Director Shakir-Ullah Durrani, at a function organized for airline's employees

Capt. M. M. Salehjee

Capt. M. M. Salehjee  (Copyright © Farouk Salehjee)

PIA Capt. M. M. Salehjee at a function organized for airline's employees

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