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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Photo Gallery of PIA's Finest Men and Women

Capt. Johnny Sadiq

Capt. Johnny Sadiq  (Copyright © Capt. Johnny Sadiq)

Capt. Johnny Sadiq as Fokker F27 Captain. F27 and DC-3 Captains wore three stripes in those days. This photo was taken at Peshawar in 1967

PIA DC-3 Group Photo

Douglas DC-3 Dakota Group Photo  (Copyright © Capt. Johnny Sadiq)

In this beautiful and rare photo from Capt. Johnny Sadiq's collection you can see a group of student pilots with a PIA DC-3 (registration mark AP-AAH) in the background. Seen in this photo from left to right are: Mizan, B. Ahmed, Masud Ghani, Giassudin Haider, Kamal, Iqbal Yunus, Shuja, Muhammed Iqbal, Mr. Umer (Instructor), Baakza, Johnny Sadiq and Saleem Choudhry 

PIA DC-3 at Gilgit

Douglas DC-3 Dakota at Gilgit  (Copyright © Capt. Johnny Sadiq)

This beautiful photo was taken at Gilgit airfield in 1963. Seen with a PIA DC-3  are (from left to right): Capt. Zafar Khan, First Officer Johnny Sadiq and PIA Station Manager for Gilgit

PIA DC-3 at Pasni

Douglas DC-3 Dakota at Pasni  (Copyright © Capt. Johnny Sadiq)

This photo was taken in late 1966 at Pasni air field. In this photo you can see Capt. Johnny Sadiq (left) and Capt. H.G. Arif with a PIA DC-3 Dakota. Capt. H.G. Arif was a refugee from Burma (Myanmar) when Muslims were being persecuted there. He joined PIA and came on DC-3s. The photo shows him on a familiarization flight to the Mekran Coast at Pasni Airfield on a DC-3 flown by Capt. Johnny Sadiq

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