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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Date: March 12, 1988

Aircraft Type: Airbus A300B4-203

Registration: AP-BCJ

Crew: 13 on board

Passengers: 143 on board

Total on board: 156

Number of hijackers: 1

Victims: 0

Flight: Karachi - Quetta - Lahore

Flight number: PK-320

Description: PK-320 left Karachi on schedule for flight to Lahore via Quetta. While it was some 100 miles away from Quetta, a passenger seated in First Class got up from his seat and went into lavatory. After coming out from the lavatory the passenger headed towards cockpit and with a revolver ordered pilots to divert flight to Afghanistan or India. At that time the cockpit door was open and a passenger who was present inside the cockpit got hold of the wrist of the hijacker in which he was holding revolver and pushed him out of the cockpit. Before the hijacker could control his balance he was grabbed by air guard Liaquat. While the hijacker and air guard struggled to overpower each other the hijacker fired a number of shots out of which three hit the air guard. The hijacker also got hit by a bullet fired by himself. A number of passengers including PIA General Manager Sardar Muhammad Aslam also arrived at the scene to assist the air guard and hit the hijacker with punches and kicks. The hijacker who was wearing shalwar kameez and a large turban was subdued and PIA crew tied his hands and legs with strings and turban that he was wearing. Within five minutes the whole situation was brought under control. The pilot through an announcement informed passengers that the hijacker has been overpowered and there's nothing to worry. Luckily the bullets did not damage aircraft airframe.

The air guard received medical treatment from two doctors present aboard the Airbus. Fortunately bullet wounds that he received were not life threatening.

PIA Airbus A300B4-203

Airbus A300B4-203  (Abbas Ali Collection)

AP-BCJ after landing at Quetta Airport

The A300 landed at Quetta Airport according to schedule. At Quetta Airport the three wounded persons i.e. hijacker, air guard and PIA General Manager were rushed to the hospital. The PIA General Manager was injured when he joined other passengers to overpower the hijacker. The hijacker was identified as 28-year old Abdul Mannan Achakzai.

All passengers also disembarked the aircraft at Quetta and underwent security screening process. Baggage and cargo items were also removed from the aircraft for security checks.

About five hours later, after thorough inspection of passengers and the aircraft, PK-320 was cleared to depart for Lahore.

PIA Airbus A300B4-203

Airbus A300B4-203  (Abbas Ali Collection)

AP-BCJ after arriving at Lahore Airport

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