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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Extraordinary, beautiful, rare and exciting action photographs of PIA airliners

PIA Fokker F27 Friendship

Fokker F27 Friendship  (Copyright © Irfan Habib)

PIA Fokker F27 Friendship in beautiful surroundings of Gilgit Airport photographed by Irfan Habib

Fokker F27 Friendship Mk 200

Fokker F27 Friendship Mark 200  (Frank Ellemers Collection)

AP-AXB photographed in 1974. AP-AXB was retired in year 2000 and presently it's on display at Liaquat Park in Quetta

PIA Fokker F27 Friendship Mk 400

Fokker F27 Friendship Mark 400  (Frank Ellemers Collection)

Early 1970s photo of AP-ALW. PIA was launch customer for F27 Mark 400 and AP-ALW was the first F27 Mark 400 built by Fokker company and it was delivered to PIA on October 19, 1961.

The F27 Mark 400 was equipped with large side cargo door and it was used not only for passenger flights but also for charter flights to transport large cargo items for oil & gas exploration companies to areas like Sui. The large side cargo door was used for loading/unloading large size cargo items, machinery and equipment of gas & oil exploration companies.

After serving PIA for more than 42 years, AP-ALW was retired in year 2003 and later broken-up and scrapped

PIA Cessna 172N Skyhawk

Cessna 172N Skyhawk  (Copyright © Raihan Shahzad)

PIA Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Flight Academy Cessna 172N Skyhawk (AP-BAJ) taking off from Karachi Airport on July 1, 2011

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