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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

PIA Airbus A300B4-203

Airbus A300B4-203  (Copyright © Armin Hofmann via Peter Frei)

Armin took this photo of AP-BAZ at Frankfurt-Rhein Main Airport of Germany in 1980s

PIA Airbus A310-308

Airbus A310-308  (Copyright © Ito Noriyuki)

AP-BEG, "City of Chitral" photographed by Ito is taxiing at Japan's Narita-New Tokyo International Airport on May 8, 1999

PIA Boeing 747-240B (SCD)

Boeing 747-240B (SCD)  (Copyright © Chris Sheldon)

AP-BAT captured by Chris is on short finals to United Kingdom's London-Heathrow Airport. AP-BAT is wearing interesting hybrid livery in this photograph; the fuselage is sporting 1990s livery while the fin is displaying floral patterns livery of the new millennium

PIA Boeing 747-282B

Boeing 747-282B  (Copyright © Hans-Joachim Schröeder via Peter Frei)

AP-AYV landing at Frankfurt-Rhein Main Airport, Germany on July 3, 1983

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