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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines


PIA Boeing 737-340

Boeing 737-340  (Copyright © Aroosh Naqvi)

AP-BCD at Jinnah International Air Port (JIAP), Karachi

PIA Airbus A310-324ET

Airbus A310-324ET  (Copyright © Aroosh Naqvi)

AP-BGO at Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan

PIA Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellation

Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellation  (Abbas Ali Collection)

AP-AFR in basic colours of PIA with Lebanese Air Transport (LAT) fuselage titles and tail logo photographed at Karachi Airport in 1967. Two PIA Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellations (registrations AP-AFR and AP-AFS) were to be acquired by LAT but for some reason the Lebanese airline did not take delivery of these two aircraft. A pair of Hawker Siddeley HS.121 Trident IE-103 aircraft, one in PIA livery and the other one in Pakistan Air Force (PAF) markings (registration AP-AUG), are also seen in this photo

PIA Boeing 707-373C

Boeing 707-373C  (Abbas Ali Collection)

AP-AWV is seen at Paris-Orly Airport, France, in this photo from early 1970s. AP-AWV survived an act of terrorism when a bomb placed under aircraft's passenger seat exploded at Islamabad Airport on July 5, 1975. The explosion ripped a hole in AP-AWV fuselage. Luckily at the time incident the Boeing 707 was on ground after completing flight from Karachi and there were no human casualties in this incident. In 1976, AP-AWV was gifted to Bangladesh where it was registered as S2-ABQ and served Biman Bangladesh Airlines

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