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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Models, paintings and sketches of PIA aircraft made by modelers, artists, painters and aviation enthusiasts

PIA Tupolev Tu-154M Poster

Tupolev Tu-154M Poster  (Copyright © Paramonnik Max)

This beautiful poster designed by Russian aviation artist Paramonnik Max shows PIA Tu-154M with registration number 85711 and the inset image shows the same aircraft at Quaid-e-Azam International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan. PIA acquired four Tu-154s, including 85711, on lease from Uzbekistan Airways in late 1996 and used them for 'Hajj' operations, domestic flights in Pakistan and also for regional flights to Uzbekistan in Central Asia. These four Tu-154s were contracted to be leased until 2001 but, for some technical reasons, lease contract was cancelled and all four aircraft were returned to Uzbekistan Airways during summer of 1997s

PIA Boeing 777-240ER

Boeing 777-240ER  (Copyright © Ali Mazhar)

This PIA Boeing 777 sketch is Ali Mazhar's first serious attempt to capture a civil airliner. Ali presented this beautiful sketch to Capt. Nadeem Soofi of PIA while traveling on a PIA Boeing 777 from Houston to Karachi in December 2004

PIA McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 Artist's Impression

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30  (Copyright © McDonnell Douglas)

From 1970s, this is an artist's impression of DC-10 in PIA livery

PIA Boeing 747-200B Model

Boeing 747-200B Model  (Copyright © Mirza Rizwan Beyg)

PIA Boeing 747-200B model sporting registration AP-AYV photographed at PIA Engineering, Karachi Airport

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