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History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Models, paintings and sketches of PIA aircraft made by modelers, artists, painters and aviation enthusiasts

PIA Boeing 777-300ER Livery Details

PIA Boeing 777-300ER Livery Details  (Hassaan Mahmood Collection)

PIA livery details for Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The actual three Boeing 777-300ER aircraft were delivered to PIA in airline's province tails livery. The livery design seen in this art work was seen applied on airline's first Boeing 777-200ER (registration AP-BGJ) during aircraft's pre-delivery test flights. However, due to decision made by airline management at that time, AP-BGJ was delivered in January 2004 with slightly modified version of this livery. In modified version of this livery, the 'PIA' logo on vertical stabilizer was replaced with a stylized Pakistan flag applied on off-white background and 'PAKISTAN' titles on both sides of fuselage were replaced by 'PIA' logo

PIA Boeing 747-400 Livery Details

PIA Boeing 747-400 Livery Details  (Hassaan Mahmood Collection)

1990s PIA livery details for Boeing 747-400. In reality PIA did not operate Boeing 747-400

Boeing 7E7 Artist's Impression

Boeing 7E7 Artist's Impression  (Hassaan Mahmood Collection)

Artist's impression of a Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner in PIA livery. Later Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner was redesignated as Boeing 787 Dreamliner. So far, PIA has not shown any plans to acquire Boeing 787 aircraft

PIA Boeing 747-200B Jigsaw Puzzle

PIA Boeing 747-200B Jigsaw Puzzle  (Hassaan Mahmood Collection)

Jigsaw puzzle of a Boeing 747-200B in Green & Gold livery of PIA

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