A gift from CX

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A gift from CX

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My office which has been handling the Happy Minwala case saw the country manager of CX call on us several times and about 10 days ago during an off-the-record conversation discussing the airline, I mentioned to him that I collect these a/c models and had recently purchased the Herpa/Hogan 1:200 CX A346. He asked how many other 1:200 scale CX models I had, so I told him I just had the A333 and he replied 'Is that all?'. Not being a fleet builder, I told him that I was happy with the 2 that I had and our discussion on the topic ended there.

Today he turned up at the office as I was leaving, carrying a big box and told me to add this to my CX fleet. The Herpa/Hogan 1:200 CX 773:


I was surprised and delighted as I didn't have a standard 773 in 1:200 scale in my collection but only 773ER's. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, especially if its in the shape of this. Nice way to start Eid!
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congrats :D you got it ! now that 773 will be a nice touch to the collection :wink: