Timely help aboard, PIA saves a life

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Timely help aboard, PIA saves a life

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Timely help aboard, pia saves a life

LAHORE (October 29 2005): A passenger travelling on pia flight from Manchester to Islamabad got a fresh lease of life through timely action, when the plane made emergency landing at Baku, Azerbaijan, to provide medical assistance to the stricken patient.

According to the details, pia Flight PK 718 commanded by captain Salman departed Manchester for Islamabad on schedule.

Cruising happily along the designated route and closing in on Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, the cabin crew alerted the captain that there was a passenger on board, who was a heart patient and was being attended by three doctors.

These doctors happened to be passengers, who were on their way from Manchester to Islamabad to join the relief efforts in the earthquake hit areas.

The doctors informed the captain that the patient's condition was unstable with angina pain and that he may be having a heart attack.

They advised the captain to take emergency measures. The captain then sought permission from the ground controllers to make an emergency landing at Baku.

After landing at Baku, the passenger identified as Shahid Sheikh, was taken away and was attended by the duty doctor at the Baku airport.

Once his condition was stabilised a little, he was returned to the Boeing 777 aircraft, although he was advised to stay back at Baku, but he desired to be flown to Islamabad.

pia sincerely thanked and acknowledged the passengers namely Talib Sheikh, Imran Mohammad, Jarhad bin Irshad, Kamran Shakil and Shakoor Ahmed for their timely humanitarian assistance.

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