PIA Pilots Paying Training Cost

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PIA Pilots Paying Training Cost

Post by beyblade »

Is it true that PIA pilot's have to pay for the training cost if they leave the airline..........
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Post by hajafri »

Yes but for those who have been appointed in PIA on contract basis they will have pay if they will leave the airline before the time period made in that contract. Even Engineering Technicians who have been inducted recently in PIA for contrat basis of 5 years and Rs.8000/= Per month they are also bound not to leave PIA in such case they will have to pay the cost of their Training to PIA.
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Post by GrandSlam »

For Cadet Pilots u have to pay 1Million Rs if u leave the airline before the contract ends i.e 5 Years.
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Post by Adnaan786 »

So do they pay for your type rating?
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Post by AirBlue »

i dont remember my father paying any amount when he left the airline....cuz his contract used to be renewed every year maybe that is what the reason is

safe air, before it went bankrupt, took some money from the pilots, i think it was 4lakh per pilot or sumthin like that n said they wud train them for airbus aircrafts (not sure what type).....but then after bankruptcy they cudnt pay them back
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Post by Gulistan »

All airlines require a bond if the pilot is trained by them. its time specifgic and after that you can leave without paying anything back.