A330 Available

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A330 Available

Post by Suleman »

There are few A330 available. Why is airblue or PIA not intressed.
They are in good condition. PIA can contact Blue wings for further dealing. I prefer A330 then A310. I hope PIA can solve this out.

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Post by B777240ER »

These A332 PW engines.

A310 just need upgrading, PK will be just adding more costs if it inducts this aircraft. It is also too big for some of PK's Euro/Asian routes.

Airblue is going to get 2 A332's along with 8 A320's but don't know when
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Post by raihans »

Airblue will be able to start induction of additional aircraft on routes to the Gulf and United Kingdom from November 2005", Abbasi said.
Source: http://www.airblue.com/corp/050804_dailytimes.htm

November is on its way after few days, any updates about flight operations to UK using A330s.

P.S. The photographer said that there are some rumors also that those A330s will go for TAP Portugal
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