Locals hiring cabin crew

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Locals hiring cabin crew

Post by CoyBoy »

Air Blue and PIA advertised vacancies for them in last Sunday's papers, ED ofcourse only want females but no age limit was mentioned and min Inter/FSC, PIA are looking for both sexes with max age 25 and minimum qualification college or university Graduation.

Even Emirates and Qatar Airways dont have the Graduation requirement like PIA, why does the govt. wnat to make things difficult for people.
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Post by AP-BGL »

CowBoy, in last sunday's edition I saw this add too for cabin crew (PIA) but that was for female only... I dont know if they have given anymore adv. for males too.
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Post by Valkyrie »

Hmm... true! One of my classmates in college was chosen by GulfAir to be a stewardess. So she just quit college and went for it.
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Post by SaadSaeed »

What is the frequency of these guys (esp PIA) hiring? Do they do this every year? every two years?
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Post by PK777 »

On the official website aswell,




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Post by pk757 »

wooo dont u think PIA should reconsider the criterion esp for females??? i mean where in Pak are they gonna find 25 year ol graudate females who are single! and presentable>> most girls are amrried off at 22 or 23... either that of they sould lower the academic qualification criterion to Intermediate even EK AND GF have that one ....
i dunno y ed is always short of gurl.... and i ve seen their girls....soo short theyre desperate for staff and usually hire almost anyone that aplies and some are really old and some are right away 19 year olds....
does ED not pay u well?
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Post by Boeing 787 »

If you fly on ED, you won't find any male, except for the pilots, from ticket purchase till leaving the aircraft. Do they take smart girls only for marketing as this way is now becoming common globally