PAF Sets Up Forward Operations Base

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PAF Sets Up Forward Operations Base

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PAF has established a Forward Operations Base just as we were discussing before. Basically the logistics center is NOW going to shift from Islamabad/Chaklala to Muzaffarabad. They are going to fill that city up with supplies and then air drop them to other towns from there.

Also now army has controlled the people who were scuffling for aid. Now people are made to stand in line so everyone gets his/her share instead of the strong running away with all the stuff while the weak don't get anything. I am sure by tomorrow situation in Muzaffarabad will be in a much better shape. InshAllah.

Finnish and Norwegian Red Cross will be setting up their 160 bed hospital in either Mansehra or Muzaffarabad (I am not sure) by tomorrow inshAllah which will give a huge boost to our relief effort.
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will they be using the muzzafarabad airfield ? it will become far easier if they can....