PIA to help earthquake survivors - 5,000 homes to be built!

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PIA to help earthquake survivors - 5,000 homes to be built!

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PIA to help earthquake survivors

LAHORE: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), in collaboration with The Citizens Foundation Relief Fund, will provide systematic relief in a two-phase strategy to earthquake survivors in the Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir.

PIA will provide basic-care packages including tents, blankets and food rations in the first phase and will construct 5,000 seismically designed houses with its partner, at a cost of Rs 400,000 each, over two years in the second phase.

PIA is also contributing Rs 50 million to the President's Relief Fund, out of which Rs 26 million has been given in cash, Rs 20 million for the transportation of relief goods and four million rupees for flying victims to Islamabad. Also, 35 members of the PIA Boy Scouts from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad have flown to the area to help the victims. staff report

http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.as ... 005_pg7_14
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I truly hope these cash donations are going to be utilised where they should be and not kept solely for patching up the damaged portions of ISB. I think you get the drift?
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Well, I'll be the optimist and say it's great to hear that PIA has volunteered to help out in this way as well. I'll appreciate any help that ANYONE can give to my country and my people! :)
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Another Good Reason TO Fly Wid PIA!!!