Open Skies for Pakistan

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Open Skies for Pakistan

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Airliner World
October 2005

In a landmark decision, the Pakistani government has permitted all Pakistani private airlines to operate to destinations in the UK, USA and Scandinavian countries in addition to allowing extra flights to gulf countries.
AirBlue, Aero Asia and Shaheen Air International will now be competing with each other and with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and foreign airlines on these routes.
The Government's decision has resulted from several factors, mainly that PIA was unable to meet the increased public demand for flights, particularly to destinations in the UK and North America.
This led to the extra passengers being carried by foreign airlines -
primarily Emirates, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Saudia and Turkish Airlines.
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Nice bit of competition should wake PIA up, and give passengers perhaps more choice and lower prices too.

Beneficial all round :D
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There was an article about this in October issue of Airliner World.