Minor Girl Mistreated by ASF at Karachi Airport

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Minor Girl Mistreated by ASF at Karachi Airport

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A video is going viral on social media in which a girl at Karachi Airport waiting for the arrival of her father from abroad spontaneously jumps towards her father upon seeing him and an official of Airports Security Force (ASF) at international passenger arrivals exit gate pulls away the little girl with force from her hair and she falls down on floor.

Incident video:

Clarification issued by Airports Security Force (ASF)

It is an old video for which strict departmental disciplinary action has been taken against the person responsible and he has been punished strictly according to rules.


Airports Security Force (ASF) is an organized force whose motto is "Firm & Courteous" and the personnel of the force perform their duties with firmness and cheerfulness. Any lapses are rectified wherever they are found. This action of the said officer was an individual act. The force strictly adheres to a policy of zero tolerance against any inappropriate behavior by any officer.

ASF as an institution extends its deepest sympathies to the family and apologizes for the distress caused while reiterating its determination to ensure that no such incident ever takes place in the future.
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Re: Minor Girl Mistreated by ASF at Karachi Airport

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It's an old video but still doesn't change the fact that how incompetent the ASF / Customs officers are at pretty much all the airports in Pakistan, and of course the FIA staff.
Most of them can't even communicate in English when a foreigner comes to Pakistan. From all my travel experiences at Karachi airport, I've mostly found them to be very rude and unwelcoming.