PIA Flight Attendant Disappears in Toronto

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PIA Flight Attendant Disappears in Toronto

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According to news report on following link, a PIA flight attendant has disappeared after arriving in Toronto as crew member of airline's flight from Lahore.

https://en.baaghitv.com/another-pia-cab ... migration/

PIA operates two weekly flights from Lahore to Toronto.

Lahore to Toronto flight PK797 every Monday

Lahore to Toronto flight PK789 every Thursday

PIA operates five weekly Toronto to Pakistan flights:

Monday - Toronto to Karachi flight PK784
Tuesday - Toronto to Lahore flight PK790
Thursday - Toronto to Karachi flight PK784
Friday - Toronto to Lahore flight PK798
Sunday - Toronto to Islamabad flight PK782

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Re: PIA Flight Attendant Disappears in Toronto

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This is happening on a regular basis.

I think in the last year 3 or 4 cabin crew have disappeared in Toronto.

I do not blame them, they are trying to improve their life.

But PIA needs to do something, maybe lock up the crew on a floor with security, and not letting them leave the hotel floor.

Keep them at an airport hotel.

This is not good for the already destroyed image of PIA.

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Re: PIA Flight Attendant Disappears in Toronto

Post by inducedrag »

How much fine does PIA have to pay the Canadian authority