AES and MSK Productions

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AES and MSK Productions

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Hi Sarmad,

Oliver recently commented about MSK Sceneries being AES Compatible.
I will recheck the conditions around msk next time again. I have stop them, as the developer of MSk told me, that he will not do support for his products anymore and at this time, not all of his products was done for AES. And I will not add new Airports to AES, where I know, that the scenery is not supported.

It looks like he has changed this now, so we can check the new products again next time.
I just wanted to give you heads up over here.
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Re: AES and MSK Productions

Post by imranzul »

That's great news good to see he's changed his stance, I would love the FSX version of OPKC and all MSK airports, to have AES support....