Saudia B772 at Riyadh on Feb 27th burst tyres on landing

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Saudia B772 at Riyadh on Feb 27th burst tyres on landing

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By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Feb 27th 2014 16:50Z, last updated Thursday, Feb 27th 2014 17:00Z
A Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-200, registration HZ-AKV performing flight SV-713 from Karachi (Pakistan) to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) with 266 passengers and 14 crew, burst a number of tyres while landing at Riyadh Airport at 11:02L (08:02Z). The aircraft came to a safe stop. No injuries and no damage beyond the tyres are being reported.

There are rumours in Pakistan the aircraft had crashed while landing in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia's Accident Investigation Board (AIB) is looking into the occurrence to decide whether an investigation will be opened.

A replacement Boeing 777-200 registration HZ-AKP continued the flight to Madinah (Saudi Arabia), the final destination of the flight.

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