Help with Saitek hardware - London

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Help with Saitek hardware - London

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This is my first post in the simulation forum and i would be extremely grateful for some one's help for pointing me in the right direction regarding set up of Saitek Hardware.

I live in London and 2 years back i bought a complete set i.e flight simulator with all sorts of Saitek Hardware e.g. radio panel, multi panel e.t.c. Recently, i had a problem with the O/S which has now been resolved. Problem now is the configuration / installation of the Saitek Hardware which i am struggling with. Unfortunately, i did not keep the discs and stuff that came with the hardware.

Could some one please suggest, if there is a practical way to get this issue resolved considering that i am not very technically savvy when it comes to IT stuff. Would be great if you are local and if we can have a chat about the issue.

Many thanks in advance and please let me know if you would like to find out more about the issues that i have.

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