PIA Diorama

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PIA Diorama

Post by mhansari »

Decided this morning to put together the different 400 scale models of PIA I have, one of each kind from the DC10 to the 773. Into one Diorama, which technically spans about 40 years!




Check out the gorgeous undercarriage of that DC10 - look at the reflection of the foil!



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Post by ConnieMan »

Very very nice diarama. Only part that is not right is the pax air bridge is on the right side of DC10 vs left!, i have yet to see airbridge attached to a aircraft on the right side!!...Out all you A310's pictures are just stunning specially head on shot!...

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Post by raihans »

very nice, also like the A310 head to head shot :)

don't you think to design some Pakistani airport in 1:400 scale? I have seen many forum members who are keen to collect the models but no one has yet initiated any project like that!!!

but once i saw a scale model of Allama Iqbal Intl. (LHE) at Lahore airport in PAF exhibition on PAF day. That was really a nice one but that was designed by some firm who was constructing the new terminal of Lahore airport.
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Post by captain_salman »

Very detailed miniatures I love them all, the DC10 looks very accurate! And its a rare model to find in the 70's livery! Wonderful! :) A310 is as usual looking accurate and cute! :lol:

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Post by PK777 »

Great pics dude! You keep interesting me in rebuilding my diorama.. :lol:

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Post by Beads »

That is so cool ! :D

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Post by samee380 »

Really nice! I would love to make an airport, but i just have not got the patience and steady hands!

Well done though!
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