Diecast vs snap together pros & cons

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Nadir Ali
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Diecast vs snap together pros & cons

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Visiting Aviation World to buy a textbook for my flying course & to check out their PIA models I noticed that plastic snap togethers are much cheaper than their diecasts.

my pros for the snap together's are that they are much bigger & cheaper than diecasts and their colours last much longer.

I got my Emirates 200ER in dubai half my lifetime ago & it's colour is more or less still the same.

With diecast I find colour can easily come off and get scratched easily.

But taking a second look at diecasts, they look more like the real thing. Probably cause the material they are made of is closer to the real thing.

Comparing the wings of a diecast & snap together the die cast wings look so much more realistic & accurate as opposed to the plastic snap-together wings.

As a kid I used to collect shwabak diecast planes which were about scale 1:600

I think if you're looking for realism and maximum size the diecast scale 1:400 are the best.

What are other peoples opinion on this?
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Post by PK777 »

Both are different scale and have different pros/cons.

Snap fits are good for office displays and take up alot of room compared to die cast models. I prefer metal to plastic but have many of either in my collection.
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Post by inducedrag »

Which is the best scale in die-cast models to collect 1/500 or 1/400 etc :?:
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Post by samee380 »

inducedrag wrote:Which is the best scale in die-cast models to collect 1/500 or 1/400 etc :?:
IMO, 1/400. A large variety of airlines have been done in this scale. And also some of the best moulds are in scale 1/400 with rolling rubber tires....etc

Though there is nothing wrong with scale 1/500 also.

Look at these below websites:


My Aircraft Model Photos: www.flickr.com/haq747