Old boarding Music - Collectible

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Old boarding Music - Collectible

Post by saleemahmed »

I am looking for some very nice boarding music from 70's and 80's which are not available in musics stores.

I any one can share, it would be appreciated.


Saleem Ahmed
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Post by captain_salman »

Hi saleem, Firstly a warm Welcome to History of PIA 8) from my side brother, now visit this site made by one of our kind memeber and friend here, it has all the PIA classic boarding music files that we all wanted, hope you'll like them too: www.kamransekha.com
over there go to Downloads than look below to find PIA music there.
there are albums there for you to choose, I recommend you download them all than listen and enjoy :love:

another website www.global-pia.com in here go to in-flight ent. than in-flight music, you'll find some modern and some vocal classical there aswell, but the first website has nearly all the collection from the 70s and 80s! Happy downloading :P

cheerz. :wink:
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