My entire PIA Inflight Music collection

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My entire PIA Inflight Music collection

Post by ksekha »

Hello Everyone,

This is an update to my earlier posts regarding PIA inflight music that I had uploaded.

I have now created my own website and have uploaded MY ENTIRE PIA AND PAKISTANI INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC COLLECTION.

This time there is no headache and hassle of downloading from Rapidshare because now I am using my new website and my own webspace for this purpose.

Please visit the downloads section of and download whatever you like. I have also created an index for all PIA audio programs which should be useful.

Also, please note that I have split each audio program / collection into two halves, so that downloading can become easier and more convenient. Each zip file is about 25-30MB in size.

If you need any assistance then please let me know. You can contact me at

I should very much appreciate if you can let me know if you or any of your relatives or PIA staff recognise the tunes. If they do recognise the tunes then I will feel rewarded for my work.



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Post by captain_salman »

Thank you very much indeed brother, I appreciate your kind efforts to make this possible. God Bless,
I will let you know about the tunes in due course of time, most of them are named correctly thou....
So keep you updated! Cheers :thumbs_up: