[3D] DC-3 from the 60s

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[3D] DC-3 from the 60s

Post by SaadSaeed »

Dedicated to the awesome Cap'n Johnny Sadiq after reading his amazing books.


Direct: http://saadu.deviantart.com/art/PIA-DC3 ... s-99203797

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Post by ConnieMan »


Very nice looking 3D model you created there, i'm sure Capt. Johnny Sadiq
will like it very much also. I haven't got anyway to get his books but i sure hope one day i will get them or find them.

One thing you missed big time on the model, Look at the nose and cockpit section, that's not right, if you do a search on A.net i'm sure you will find many pics of DC3 in that attitude as your model. Notice those errors on it and then fix them. Once those are fixed it will be very nice model...Btw this is the first time i have seen any sort of PIA's DC3 model very indeed!!