PIA chief forms CSR team from within airline

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PIA chief forms CSR team from within airline

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KARACHI, Oct 15 (APP)- PIA Chairman and CEO, Tariq Kirmani, for the first time in the airline's history, has created a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team from within.

Following team's formation, the PIA besides being a commercial airline, will be assisting in various areas of social sector such as sports, health, charities, art academy, Al-Shifa Trust, environment etc.

According to sources, PIA imbibed with enthusiasm and spirit of accepting major challenges has decided to have a fresh look at its Corporate Social Responsibility.

In this regard, a committee led by Senior Vice President (Coordination) Anwaar Rasul Khan has been set up with Sr. Vice- President (Works), Col S. Mudassar Asghar, Special Assistant/ Chairman, Colonel Mahmood Ahmed, General Manager Public Affairs and Communications, Capt. Hassan Jaffery, General Manager Planetaria Sajjad Ahmed, and Admin Manager (Finance) Mrs. Ghazala Rashid, as its members.

Source: Associated Press of Pakistan
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PIA sets up CSR committee

KARACHI (October 15 2005): Conscious of its social responsibilities, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee has been set up by the Pakistan International Airlines Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tariq Kirmani, in the organisation.

The idea is to assist in areas like sports, health, charities, arts academy, Al-Shifa trust, environment, etc.

The committee will be led by senior Vice-President (co-ordination), Anwar Rasul Khan. Members include Sr. Vice-President (Works) Colonel S. Mudassar Asghar, Special Assistance/Chairman Mahmood Ahmed, Public Affairs and Communications' General Manager Captain Hassan Jaffery, Planetaria General Manager Sajjad Ahmed and Admin Manager (Finance) Ghazala Rashid.

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PIA seeks CBR clarification: tax from terminated employees


ISLAMABAD (October 18 2005): Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has approached the Central Board of Revenue (CBR) for obtaining clarification for deduction of income tax from its employees, availing golden handshake or facing termination from services, on the basis of last three years'' average tax paid by them.

In this connection, PIA Head Office at Karachi Airport has made a formal request to the CBR Chairman Abdullah Yusuf through a communication titled, ''Deduction of tax from payment on mandatory golden handshake scheme''.

PIA has informed the CBR that payment received by the corporation''s employees for golden handshake or on early termination of employment is taxable at the last three years'' average rate of tax paid by the employee, as per section 12(2)(e)(iii) read with section 12(6) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

Although tax is to be paid by the employee on golden handshake payment at the last three years'' average rate of tax paid by the employee, but the employer is not allowed to deduct tax where average rate of tax is lower than the normal rate.

According to PIA, the employer has to deduct tax at the normal tax rate from the payment on termination or on golden handshake resulting in excess deduction of tax from the payment than the actual tax payable on such payment received on termination of services, which results in hardship to the terminated employee.

To avoid hardship in case of employees receiving payment under mandatory golden handshake scheme, the PIA may be allowed to deduct tax at the last three years'' average rate of tax paid by the employee from the payment to be made by the corporations under the golden handshake scheme including compensation for redundancy.

PIA has asked the CBR that necessary instructions be issued in this regard so that the corporation may deduct tax at the last three years'' average tax rate paid by the employee.

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