Lahore Airport Mess

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Lahore Airport Mess

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I traveled with my wife and two kids on Turkish Airlines on July 17th from Lahore to Istanbul onward to Dallas. The airport was a mess.
There was no space to drop off passengers as there were cars parked everywhere. It looked like a regular parking lot. Somebody told me that to save on the parking fee people just parked there cars in the drop off lanes. It was over crowded and looked like a local bus stand.
The immigration counters were crowded as well and took us almost an hour to clear the Que. Although the signs clearly said "For Foreigners" and "For Pakistani passports", nobody bothered about that. Then there were few people jumping the lines because somebody from the immigration/FIA or Airport staff accompanied them.
What I heard was that most of the international flights were required to depart before sunrise to avoid or lower bird strikes rate. But please look at the handling capacity of the facility first and then make the rules.
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Lahore airport had always been a Mess. Too Many international flights at the same time.
When I travelled in last October our PIA flight for Muscat was delayed for 28 hours and the we had to sit on the floor at the immigration with 1 baby and an infant.

I just don't understand when our population is growing and why would you not extend the airport they have ample space either side of the the terminal.

Pitty !!!!

Love been in the air ...